KLM’s North American network of destinations is practically back to its 2019 level, before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the seating capacity and flight frequencies are still far below that of 2019. Although there are still significant travel restrictions in the US and Canada, the vaccination rate is increasing both overseas and in Europe, which should gradually reduce restrictions. KLM is prepared for an increase in demand and is ready to welcome its customers safely and responsibly.

The network of destinations is central to KLM's strategy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, KLM preserved its network of destinations as much as possible by reducing seating capacity, so passengers could travel if necessary and cargo transportation was able to continue. This strategy greatly supported KLM during the COVID-19 crisis. That makes it much easier to now scale up our operations again.

Changes compared to 2019

  • There will be a total of 16 North American destinations in the summer of 2021. That is one destination less compared to the summer of 2019, namely Salt Lake City. However, KLM will continue to offer a direct flight from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City in cooperation with its partner Delta Air Lines.
  • KLM intends to add Las Vegas and Minneapolis over the summer, but this will depend on the end of travel restrictions between the United States and Europe.
  • In its winter schedule, which runs from 31 October 2021 through 26 March 2022, KLM will add two new destinations to its North American network: the Mexican resort of Cancun and Orlando in the American state of Florida.
  • The frequency of flights to the destinations this summer will be lower than in the summer of 2019. Both the frequency and seating capacity vary per destination. Thanks to the increasing rate of vaccination and the gradual reopening of Europe and also the United States, we expect that these numbers will gradually increase. We are very agile when it comes to planning our network and of course we consider market demand.

Book and travel comfortably with KLM

KLM offers its customers maximum flexibility when booking, changing or cancelling a trip. KLM has also implemented the highest level of hygiene standards this year, before, during and after the flight. KLM was recently awarded the Diamond APEX certification for its efforts, which means that KLM is now one of the leading airlines in the field of hygiene and health safety. KLM of course complies with all government travel restrictions and regulations.

It's very positive that our North American destination network has practically returned to its original level, in terms of the number of destinations. North America is an important market for KLM. This relationship goes far back, illustrated by the fact that this year we commemorate 75 years of flights to New York. Hopefully the travel restrictions for the United States, Canada and Mexico will be reduced soon, offering our passengers more opportunities to travel once again to North America. An internationally valid vaccination passport would be very helpful for this." - KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers