~ To keep meeting customers’ needs through our continuous wide-body freighter service provisions ~

Since this summer schedule, Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. (NCA) (Headoffice: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & Chief Executive Officer: Hitoshi Oshika) reinstated the use of all 8 Boeing 747 – 8 Freighters (B747-8F) under the direct operation of NCA.

As part of our fundamental corporate policy to maintain a safe and reliable operation, effective from this winter schedule starting 27th of October, NCA will optimize the flight network to better match our customer’s requirements and enhance our services. The followings are the highlights of our plans. (*1)

1. U.S.A. Routes (1) Chicago

1 Effective from January 2020 (*2) departure times from NRT which are currently scheduled between 14:00 and 15:00 will be pushed back to between 22:00 and 23:00. This will extend the acceptance time for export cargo to be delivered and uplifted on the same day.

2 Effective from January 2020 (*2) our arrival times from Chicago to Narita will be earlier, between 07:00 and 08:00. This will allow import cargo to be recovered earlier at Narita Airport.

(2)Los Angeles
Effective from this winter schedule part of flights currently operated by and code-shared with Atlas using Boeing 747-400F Freighter (B747-400F) will partially be replaced by larger freighters, B747-8F operated by NCA. This replacement will increase capacity to accommodate more freighter-sized cargoes such as longer pieces or over-wide crates.

2. Asia Routes

Effective from 27th of October (Sunday) new direct flight service from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Chicago will be commenced at 1 flight per week. We are seeking to increase the frequency of this service in the future.

3. Trans-Atlantic / Europe Routes

To improve operational efficiency of the network, NCA will suspend the around-the- world service (Nartia – Anchorage – Chicago – Hahn, Frankfurt – Milano – Narita). Some of these flights will be changed to Nartia – Anchorage – Chicago – Anchorage – Narita, returning the aircraft to Narita after Chicago rather than continuing to Europe. The last scheduled flight from Chicago to Hahn, Frankfurt will be on 24th of December (Tuesday) and the last scheduled flight from Hahn, Frankfurt to Narita will be on 25th of December (Wednesday).

Our flights between Narita and Europe will be maintained at 4 flights per week (Narita – Amsterdam – Milano – Narita) and our services between Narita and Frankfurt will still be maintained by connecting the cargos from/to our own flights at
Amsterdam Airport even after these suspension.

Meanwhile, we will strengthen our service between NRT and Milano through strategic capacity arrangements with our partner airlines, in addition to our own flights.

4. On-time performance improvement
We will continue our efforts to improve our on-time performance and operational quality by creating more spare hours on our aircraft rotations through optimization of aircraft positioning, reviews of flight routes, and reduction of overall flight hours.

Moving forward, NCA will continue our efforts to maintain a stable scheduled network and simultaneously to expand charter transportation services including those between third- countries by fully utilizing our entire fleet which consist of 8 of B747-8F operated by NCA and B747-400F operated by ATLAS through strategic partnership with them.

We hope to receive your continued support and patronage in the future.

(*1) : These plans are subject to relevant authorities’ approvals.
(*2): Our sales representatives will notify you of the details of the services such as starting date and frequencies once they are ready.