As per the mid of May, the Nayak Aircraft services group, European leader in line and base maintenance specialisation, would like to announce new roles in accordance with our new Group Approval.

The past 2 years have seen important changes for the Nayak group that had previously been separated into 3 separated EASA Part145 approvals, held in the entities of Italy, Netherlands and Germany. To have our Group standards and quality secured, our MOE standards were harmonized and following this, the former single entity approval of Nayak Germany was converted into a multiple entity Group approval, with our home base and our hangar being in Dusseldorf. Today, all Nayak entities work with a harmonised handbook and during the coming weeks the last entities will complete the move to work under the new group approval and legal framework.

The legal framework and operational entities of Nayak have been aligned to our current Group setup: a move which enables us to serve our customers to the best extent by giving them more flexibility and less costs and administrative workload. We now enter the next phase in which we made the decision to embed all Nayak entities and structure the key positions in a way, that all entities will take on an essential role. Through this we hope to build a bridge between all the European Nayak countries, cultures, and entities.

We are happy to announce that going forward, Sergio Scalera will take on the role as Group Accountable Manager, Joerg Sauerland the role as Deputy Group Accountable manager, Stephane Klaver the role of Group Maintenance Manager, Sven Hofmann the role as deputy Group Maintenance Manager and Günter Krahé the role of Group Quality Manager. With the appointment of these roles we secure continuity and take the next steps to make the Group Approval a reality. European wide Management for a European wide Nayak Group will lead us into the next step of growth and shows a true Nayak team spirit.