From September 2021, Nayak will provide Vueling with line maintenance services at its main Barcelona base through Yellow Technic by Nayak, an innovative Part 145 joint venture established by Nayak Spain and Vueling itself.

Nayak, which already serves the airline at bases in Italy, France and Holland, was selected by Vueling following a competition against some other maintenance providers.

«As the leading independent European MRO solutions provider, we are proud to have won this very competitive contract in Barcelona» says Sergio Scalera, Nayak LM Spain Managing Director and project leader for the Vueling bid. Supplying maintenance on the home base to the Airbus A320-family narrow bodies commits Nayak to ambitious levels. To provide line maintenance and scheduled overnight maintenance for Vueling’s fleet, Yellow Technic will employ about 200 staff.

« Involving the client as part-owner shows the extent of our commitment to deliver on our contractual promises and goals, » Scalera emphasizes. «In this sense, Yellow Technic by Nayak is a small revolution in the MRO business, and through an innovative business model offers something beyond competitive pricing – which, by the way, is another integral part of our brand. »

Barcelona is Vueling’s largest and busiest base, which means Yellow Technic will be called to work during daytime and overnight, resolving technical issues and performing scheduled tasks.

«Through its share in Yellow Technic, Vueling will be able to monitor performance and costs on a continuing basis, with full visibility», says Scalera. «In the very competitive post-Covid business environment, this will shape the business relationship into true teamwork, allowing Vueling management and crews to see Yellow Technic staff as colleagues rather than mere suppliers. »

The efficiencies delivered by the new business model will position Nayak for further growth in the European market.