Vancouver, August 4th, 2021 – MTU Maintenance Canada has completed its move from Richmond, near Vancouver Airport, to Boundary Bay, Delta, British Columbia. This marks the successful conclusion of a brownfield adaptation that provides MTU Maintenance Canada with an additional space of around 60 percent and consolidates all of its repair activities into one location.

“We are delighted to have now fully moved into our new home,” says Uwe Zachau, Managing Director and CEO, MTU Maintenance Canada. Over the past two years, MTU Maintenance Canada has introduced the extremely popular V2500 and CF6-80C2 engine programs to its portfolio. In addition, the facility was highly successful in securing the military versions for these engines types, the F108 and F138 contracts from the United States Air Force. “The additional space will help us ensure the success of these programs and give us the flexibility to perform highly-customized engine maintenance repair and overhaul for our customers.”

During a gradual integration over the past one and half years, MTU Maintenance Canada was able to flexibly stagger machinery, equipment and team movement to maintain continued operations. Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the additional space at both sites was used to help protect employees. “Design and building upgrades as well the transition into our new Boundary Bay facility were mastered by our highly-motivated internal team on top of normal operations,” says Christian Ludwig, Chief Operating Officer and project leader. “Now that we are fully moved in, we look forward to using this new space to further strive for operational excellence.”

“My thanks goes out to the entire team who made this seamless transition possible during what have been challenging times worldwide. We are now set to serve our customers and have the capacity to grow in the coming years. We look forward to a bright future here,” adds Zachau.

MTU Maintenance Canada is the North American member of the MTU Maintenance network of companies, the largest independent provider of commercial engine maintenance services worldwide. The company maintains, repairs and overhauls engines and accessories and performs engine tests. MTU's Canadian affiliate holds licenses for work on the CF6, CFM56 and V2500 engine families. The new facility in Delta offers 237,000 square feet of space and is within thirty minutes of Vancouver airport, where testing continues to be carried out in the existing test cell. Alongside engine and accessory repairs, MTU Maintenance Canada also offers its customers Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) management services which play an increasing role in MTU's service offerings.