MONTE is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement with MEHAIR, an Indian seaplane operator, to explore the conversion of MEHAIR’s fleet to zero emission propulsion technologies. MONTE will work with MEHAIR to identify the most suitable zero emission propulsion technology for their operations and will then offer financing for the conversion of their fleet once this technology is approved and certified.

MEHAIR is launching inter-island air services between the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on routes awarded by the Government of India under the UDAN program. MEHAIR have been operating a growing fleet of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan seaplanes which they will look to retrofit in the coming years. Additionally, MEHAIR have ordered up to 50 PHA-ZE 100 Jekta all electric amphibious aircraft, reinforcing their commitment to the long term decarbonisation of air travel in India. With another 25 land routes planned, MEHAIR is seeking to usher in a new chapter of sustainable aviation in India.

Rishi Majithia, Head of Growth at MONTE “We are delighted to partner with MEHAIR who are strongly aligned with our commitment to carbon neutrality in the regional aviation market. This is an exciting chapter in the growing Indian aviation sector, and we look forward to supporting MEHAIR lead the way in decarbonisation. We are thrilled to be working with the team at MEHAIR as we continue on our journey towards zero emission regional aviation.”

Siddharth Verma, CEO of MEHAIR “Sustainability is the way forward and carbon neutrality is the key. As a responsible partner to the Indian Government’s unfolding Regional Connectivity Scheme which is aimed at connecting every nook and corner of the country, it becomes imperative to align yourself on the right side of history. As India’s pioneering seaplane operator, we take this responsibility very seriously and wish to be the Indian flag bearers of this emerging technology to bring synergy between connectivity and sustainability.”