MONTE is pleased to announce its partnership with DANTE AeroNautical (“DANTE”) to collaborate on the development and integration of electric and hydrogen fuel cells to power existing, regional turboprop aircraft.

MONTE is a clean technology business focused exclusively on facilitating and accelerating the transition of the regional aviation industry to net zero carbon emissions. In order to achieve this, MONTE is focused on retrofitting existing turboprop aircraft with electric / hybrid propulsion systems and on acquiring and financing new, zero emission aircraft as they are produced and certified for use. MONTE has a clear ambition to be carbon neutral by 2025.

DANTE Aeronautical is an electric aviation company that was born to revolutionize the industry with zero emission technologies. It started with the development of a new hybrid electric 19 passenger commuter concept, a project that has attracted the interest of airlines in Europe. DANTE is currently focusing on the modification of existing aircraft to accelerate the adoption of green aviation technologies. Apart from zero emissions, DANTE’s solutions will sustainably enable thin haul routes and connect underserved communities.

Regional turboprop aircraft represent the first segment of the industry that will benefit from the technological developments in zero emission propulsion systems. MONTE’s partnership with DANTE AeroNautical represents a strong step towards providing regional operators a real opportunity at achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Through this partnership, MONTE and DANTE will offer financing and conversion packages to aircraft operators to enable them to retrofit existing aircraft with zero emission technologies, which is currently expected to commence in 2024 with the conversion of Cessna Caravans. This technology is currently being tested by one of DANTE’s operating partners, Sydney Seaplanes, which is looking to produce a fully certified and operational, all-electric Cessna Caravan by 2024.

In addition, MONTE and DANTE will offer financing solutions to operators for the required infrastructure to support the operation of these zero emission technologies, including electric charging units, battery storage and hydrogen fuel cell storage.