MONTE, a maritime and aviation lessor, and REGENT, the manufacturer of all-electric seagliders for sustainable maritime mobility, announced a new strategic partnership at CoMotion Miami today to increase the accessibility of sustainable maritime travel. 

Under the agreement, MONTE will purchase up to $300 million of REGENT’s new high-speed, zero-emissions coastal vessels and provide leasing and financing options of the 12-passenger Viceroy and 100-passenger Monarch seagliders to customers.

REGENT represents the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of MONTE Maritime, a sustainable maritime lessor focused on financing decarbonized vessels. The agreement also signifies a significant commitment in the growing industry for leasing and financing electric vessels, offering a model for future collaborations in this space. 

“With over 600 seagliders sold and our order book continuing to grow, more of our customers are asking for access to affordable operational lease and finance lease facilities,” said Adam Triolo, VP, Commercial Business Development, REGENT. “Partnering with MONTE allows us to offer our clients decades of finance experience to provide comprehensive financing solutions. We look forward to working with MONTE to advance our shared vision of decarbonizing maritime travel.” 

Complete solution for operators

MONTE also plans to finance and lease the required infrastructure needed for operating seagliders, including charging networks, battery storage, and any required port infrastructure upgrades.

“We will provide a full turn-key solution, through vessel and infrastructure financing, for operators looking for zero-emissions travel,” said Timothy Eyre, Chief Operating Officer, MONTE. “Working together to offer an easy-to-operate, full-package electric transport solution will help to accelerate the much-needed decarbonization of the regional maritime industry.” 

Advancing sustainable travel

The maritime sector is responsible for 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions, and more than 30% of those emissions come from the regional maritime sector.  

Adopting zero-emissions vessels in coastal transportation and overcoming hurdles to operation will be critical to the global effort to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The REGENT-MONTE partnership is a promising step forward to achieving these goals and democratizing access to high-speed sustainable coastal travel.