With the inauguration of a larger repair station in Montréal and the
introduction of a new engine type to be serviced at the Tulsa
facility, Lufthansa Technik's Mobile Engine Services is gaining
strong momentum in North America.

The new Mobile Engine Services repair station in Montréal is
currently moving from inside Air Canada's facilities to new and
independent premises. With more than 2,500 square meters (27,000
square feet) of floor space and 12 bays, the new building will triple
the site´s operational capacity for surgical repair solutions on
CFM56 engines. To support the capacity increase, Lufthansa Technik
plans to expand its workforce in Montréal from today´s 30 to 80 by
the end of 2021.

Since January, the Mobile Engine Services site in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
has its remodeled hangar in operation, expanding the capacity for
work on V2500 engines from four bays to six, plus a fully operational
test cell. Along with the expansion, Lufthansa Technik will also add
the CFM56 series to its Tulsa repair and test cell portfolio, with
production starting in July. First in the series will be the
CFM56-5B, with initially three bays. As of today, Mobile Engine
Services employs 42 mechanics in Tulsa.

"The recent expansion of our North America sites for Mobile Engine
Services responds to the growing need to keep engines on wing for as
long as possible, to keep our customers mobile," says Sahib Ajjam,
Lufthansa Technik´s Senior Director Corporate Sales USA and Canada.
"Compared to a regular overhaul shop visit, our smart and flexible
approach reduces costs by limiting the scope of repairs, and
generates additional savings as a result of significantly shorter
turnaround times and decreased transportation costs."

Aiming to avoid or postpone major overhaul events, Lufthansa
Technik´s Mobile Engine Services consists of a number of smart engine
repair solutions. They range from on-wing and on-site services
performed by Airline Support Teams (AST®) directly at the customer's
location to smart, surgical repair solutions carried out in a global
network of repair stations. The Lufthansa Technik Group currently has
four such repair stations around the world. In addition to Montreal
and Tulsa, they are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and Shenzhen,

Lufthansa Technik's Cyclean® Engine Wash System is an important
element of the Mobile Engine Services portfolio, vastly applied to
engine performance optimization. Currently spanning seven locations
in North America, the regional network of engine wash stations is set
to grow by another three stations in 2019.

Lufthansa Technik will be presenting these capabilities for Mobile
Engine Services at the MRO Americas convention in Atlanta, Georgia -
April 9 until April 11 - at booth # 2331.