August 21, 2020: MAU Technik, a subsidiary of Ukraine International Airlines, is proud to announce that it has become the first Ukrainian company to earn EASA Part 145 certification for aircraft Base maintenance.  MAU Technik was launched as a subsidiary of UIA in 2017 in order to develop and insure that its technical processes and systems produce efficiency and cost transparency. The business of MAU Technik is to provide aircraft maintenance for UIA, including 3rd party aircraft maintenance for local and international customers. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 Approval is a company level certification that assigns merit for the hard work done by MAU Technic and UIA. Certification ensures EASA standards for maintenance and operation of aircraft is met.

In order to provide service to external and European customers an application was submitted for an EASA Part 145 certificate in March 2019 to start certification process. During the past 18 months, obtaining EASA Part-145 approval was one of the main tasks for the management of MAU Technik. Two EASA audits were conducted to assure EASA rules and service standards are met by MRO. During the period numerous improvements were made for company structure and business processes. Measurable values introduced as KPI’s, production arranged in accordance to the best practices set by Six-Sigma principles and management trained for Lean Management practices to provide better compliance for EASA rules and requirements.

This EASA Part 145 certificate expands UIA's capability to perform Base maintenance on Boeing 737-700/800/900 and Embraer ER-190 aircraft for local and 3rd Party maintenance in accordance to EASA requirements.

"The success of our team in these difficult times for aviation industry is a new milestone and a great start for the further development of MAU Technic potential to create additional services and develop incremental revenue streams for the Shareholders”, says Mr. Algirds Mikelsons, Chief executive officer of MAU Technik. He adds “Next we shall improve is marketing and sales, so the more companies may use our capabilities to receive quality service and advantage in lower cost base which MAU Technic is able to provide for".

In these difficult times for aviation, the entire UIA team is proud of such a significant achievement of our subsidiary. An achievement, insured the MAU Technic aircraft maintenance not only meets European standards, but can also provide also high-quality service in Ukraine and other European and International airlines.