Mexican cargo airline mas has announced an investment in Galistair Trading LTD, acquiring 49% of the company. Galistair is a Malta-based airline specializing in providing ACMI solutions.

As part of the commercial and operational agreements, Galistair will operate two A330-300P2F out of Europe on behalf of mas. The aircraft will fly between cities in Germany and North America, in coordination with mas. One A330F has already been delivered with another due soon.

Galistair president and CEO Juan José Mesia commented, "this alliance with mas allows us to expand our ACMI business towards air cargo hand in hand and with the support of the leading Mexican player in the sector”.

Previously, Mas announced its strategic plan, which aims to strengthen its capacity with 18 aircraft by 2024, including eight Airbus, going from 8 to 18 regular routes on three continents: America, Europe and Asia.