Magnetic Trading, part of Magnetic Group, has announced the recent signing of the cooperation agreement with ITS, the USA-based nose-to-tail supply chain partner within the air transport aftermarket industry.

Two companies have been working together already on an ad-hoc basis thus, the recent cooperation agreement is the natural next step in cooperation, allowing both parties to benefit from exclusive partnership terms.

“We have vast experience of the mutual benefits from cooperation agreements thus for us, taking our partnership with ITS to the new level is a very organic step – it will allow both of the companies to expand service portfolios and to provide cost-effective and the highest quality solutions to our clients,” shared Airina Kacienaite-Krake, Head of Magnetic Trading.

“Magnetic Group and Magnetic Trading are well-established brands with an extensive customer’s portfolio – and we want to share our resources that will allow improving their service offering for their clients, including those who are using PBH, Line Maintenance and other services. We are proud to take our partnership further and looking forward to closer cooperation,” added Darius Orvidas, Senior Key Account Manager at ITS.

Just recently, Magnetic Trading has opened a new representative office in Miami, Florida, that aims to serve customers around the Americas.