Magnetic MRO Training, an international EASA Part-147 approved type training organization, has received an approval to provide Airbus A320 NEO LEAP 1a and PW1100G type training. The new capability’s scope ranges from Airbus A320 CEO/NEO difference course to full Airbus A320 NEO type training for specialists with no previous background on the type.

“As the industry changes, the training of aircraft maintenance specialists should too. Our latest approval has been long due – therefore, all of us at Magnetic MRO is very excited! And we plan to continue the expansion of our courses with three new types to be introduced in the beginning of 2020,” shared Haldi Vanatoa, the Head of the Training Unit at Magnetic MRO Training.

According to Ms. Vanatoa, the demand for MRO training is rapidly increasing as more and more aircraft operate in the global fleet. In order to support the ever-growing fleet and ensure uninterrupted operations, airlines and other MRO operators drive the demand for cost- and time-efficient training solutions.

Alongside the newly introduced Airbus A320 NEO training, Magnetic MRO provides Airbus A320 CEO, Boeing 737 Classic/Next Generation, and Bombardier CRJ700/900/1000 type Training courses, as well as various internal company training. The training are conducted at Magnetic MRO’s training facility in Tallinn, Estonia which was recently improved and expanded in fall 2019.