Magnetic MRO, global total technical care and asset management organisation, has launched another unmanned RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tool Control system, resulting in two advanced Tool Gates and one RFID Kiosk in total throughout its facilities in Tallinn, Estonia. The project is designed and upgraded for fully automated inventory transactions, supported by CribMaster’s latest software, so that all hangars can communicate with each other without any manual input.

“We are proud to be one of the few pioneers in the market who has this advanced inventory management system in-house, providing cost- and time-effective results both for our customers and organisation itself,” says Maksim Kolesnik, Magnetic MRO Facility & Tooling Manager. “Following the new system launch, we have officially become the first company in this entire region who can provide the desired efficiency during our diverse operations.”

Upgrading its RFID systems to an advanced level, Magnetic MRO is now able to provide full quality control for calibration servicing and testing, as well as ultimate convenience for issuing tools and equipment accompanied by easy returning options. System also allows employees to assign the relevant tools to respective task cards in order to improve preparation period and optimize operational safety and control.
Magnetic MRO is also preparing to launch CribMaster Mobile to improve the user experience and avoid unnecessary time consumption arising from obligatory desktop interactions.