LE BOURGET, France, June 21, 2023 -- Luxair and Boeing [NYSE: BA] today announced at the Paris Air Show 2023 that the Luxembourgish airline has selected the 737-7 as it continues its single-aisle growth strategy.

In selecting the 737-7 Luxair will become the European launch customer for the airplane with an agreement to purchase four jets.

Since March 2023, Luxair has placed orders for four 737-8. With today's announcement of the selection, the airline's commitment for four 737-7s will bring the airline's firm orders for the 737 to eight. Luxair will also initially lease two 737-8, due  summer 2023, before taking direct delivery of its first 737-8.

"We continue to invest in Luxair's growth and this agreement for four Boeing 737-7 is an extra step towards securing a long term future for our national airline. This type of aircraft is a perfect match for Luxair and will meet the requirements of the market. Seating 160 passengers, the 737-7 will offer flexibility across the Luxair destination network while significantly reducing fuel consumption. This will help us get even closer to our commitment to sustainable flights, while demonstrating once again our support to the promise of "Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050" submitted by IATA," said Gilles Feith, Luxair CEO.

Boeing's ongoing commitment to sustainability is reflected in the 737-7/8s advanced design. On average, each 737 of this new generation will save up to eight million pounds of CO2 emissions annually compared to the airplanes it replaces. Additionally, these aircraft are quieter, creating a 50 percent smaller noise footprint than the airplanes they replace.

"We are delighted that Luxair has chosen to build upon its 737-8 order by selecting the 737-7 and in doing so becoming the launch customer in Europe for the airplane type," said Brad McMullen, senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "The 737-7 is perfectly suited across Luxair's network, seamlessly integrating in to its existing fleet and adding capacity on to regional routes. By selecting the 737-7 Luxair will operate a common fleet allowing it to move aircraft around the network based, increasing and dropping capacity based on seasonality and demand, ensuring maximum profitability flying all year round."

Luxair currently operates a fleet of 19 airplanes, including eight Next-Generation 737s.