-Extending Total Component Support to Saudia's Airbus A320 and A330 
-Beyond Boeing 777 and 787 support, Lufthansa Technik services 
Saudia's expansive fleet
-Transforming into a Center of Excellence, MRO community is setting 
industry standards 

Saudia Technic and Lufthansa Technik signed a ten-year Total 
Component Support (TCS) contract at the Dubai Airshow, focusing on 
Saudia's Airbus fleet. This collaboration builds on Lufthansa 
Technik's ongoing provision of components to Saudia's Boeing fleet 
since the beginning of this year. In a notable expansion of their 
partnership, the companies are introducing a joint training program 
starting in January 2024. This comprehensive initiative underscores 
the commitment to elevating operational efficiency and excellence in 
the aviation industry.

The now concluded TCS contract encompasses 53 Airbus A320 and 31 A330
aircraft. For all of them, Saudia Technic gains 24/7 access to 
Lufthansa Technik's global component pool. The TCS includes an 
Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support that guarantees shortest possible 
delivery for time-critical components. The agreement will 
significantly strengthen Saudia Technic's technical operations and 
complement its own resources. Lufthansa Technik already supports 39 
Boeing 777 (35 777-300ER and four 777F) as well as 18 Boeing 787 
aircraft (13 787-9 and five 787-10).

Fahd H. Cynndy, Chief Executive Officer of Saudia Technic, said: "Due
to the excellent experience with Lufthansa Technik with regard to the
Total Component Support for our Boeing fleet, we didn't hesitate to 
also award the contract for our Airbus fleet to them. We look forward
to expanding our close partnership even further." 

Harald Gloy, Chief Operating Officer of Lufthansa Technik, said: "We 
are very honored to also support the Airbus fleet for Saudia Technic.
Our cooperation is based on decades of a trustful relationship which 
we are more than happy to continue. We are delighted to service our 
partner Saudia Technic on its growth path in the next years."

The Lufthansa Technik group and Saudia Technic have a track record of
successful business relationships in various technical segments.

Expanding partnership with a new joint training program

As a next step to the recently announced MRO Community of Excellence 
to build a strong and enduring partnership, Lufthansa Technik Middle 
East (LTME) located in Dubai will host technicians from Saudia 
Technic for an immersive training experience, further building a 
strong and enduring partnership. This opportunity will enable them to
gain a deeper understanding of Lufthansa Technik's operations, 
principles, and work culture. The training program is set to commence
in January 2024, with the technicians initially stationed at LTME for
an intensive three-month training period. During this period, they 
will receive firsthand exposure to various aspects of aircraft 
component repair, with a particular focus on nacelle components 
repair technology. This exposure will facilitate knowledge transfer 
and further strengthen the bond between the two companies.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to nurture the 
partnership while fostering the exchange of knowledge and best 
practices between the two organizations. After the initial 
three-month period, the technicians will proceed to Lufthansa 
Technik's facility in Germany. There, they will continue their 
training, gaining experience in all segments and participating in a 
wide array of workshops.