Component support for up to eight A330F aircraft
767F fleet already supplied

Lufthansa Technik and the Mexican carrier mas - formerly known as
MasAir- have signed a comprehensive Total Component Support (TCS®)
contract covering repair and overhaul of components for mas´s Airbus
A330F fleet. The new contract governs supply for up to eight aircraft
over a period of eight years. This is the second contract as
Lufthansa Technik already supports the Boeing 767F fleet with its TCS

Luis Sierra, Chief Executive Officer of mas, said: "Our new A330
logistic network is a global network with destinations in Asia,
Europe and America. To support our network, we need a global player
in technical aircraft services whose experience and reliability we
highly value. Lufthansa Technik already proves day by day to deliver
first class services, which is required for our operation. This is
especially important now that we are on an ambitious fleet expansion

"We are very pleased to continue our service for mas's A330F fleet.
We are proud to be part of mas's journey because the Mexican market
remains highly competitive," said Soeren Stark, Chief Executive
Officer of Lufthansa Technik.

With the A330F Total Component Support TCS® agreement, mas benefits
from an individual supply concept that enables short and rapid
transport paths. Component support of mas fleet will be ensured
through an on-site stock to be established in Mexico City. The fleet
will be supported by Lufthansa Technik's component pools located in
North America and Europe.