Constanze Hufenbecher and Antonio Schulthess to leave the company at
the end of the year

As part of the restructuring program RISE, Lufthansa Technik AG will
change the structure of its Executive Board responsibilities. In
future, the Executive Board will consist of a Chief Executive Officer
(CEO), a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and a Board member for Finance
and Human Resources. The COO will then carry responsibility for all
operating divisions. As part of this reorganization, Constanze
Hufenbecher (currently Chief Financial Officer and responsible for
the VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services business unit) and
Antonio Schulthess (currently responsible for human resources, lean
and process management and the Engines and Aircraft Systems business
units) have decided to leave Lufthansa Technik at the end of the year
to pursue new entrepreneurial challenges.

"We thank Constanze Hufenbecher for her very successful work at
Lufthansa Technik," said Dr Detlef Kayser, Chairman of the
Supervisory Board. "She has considerably professionalized the
processes in the areas of finance, purchasing, legal and foreign
trade as well as infrastructure and has significantly increased both
their efficiency and effectiveness."

Constanze Hufenbecher has made a major contribution to gearing the
management of the Lufthansa Technik Group even more strongly towards
profitability and cash flow, thus laying the foundation for the
company to remain capable of acting and maneuvering even in the most
severe crisis in aviation. She has further succeeded in stabilizing
the VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services business unit and,
together with the management team there, in developing it to its
current earnings strength.

"Antonio Schulthess has played a key role in shaping the Lufthansa
Group for many years, and very successfully so, in very diverse top
management positions. We are very grateful for this," added Dr Detlef
Kayser. "As a member of the Executive Board, he has continuously
improved the performance of Lufthansa Technik's human resources
department and has thus played a major role in shaping the company's
worldwide growth by well over 4,000 employees in recent years."

Under the leadership of Antonio Schulthess, the Engines and Aircraft
Systems business units have set further important milestones,
including the contractual linking of the CFM LEAP engine type to
Hamburg, the opening of the two major engine joint ventures XEOS and
EME Aero in Poland, the establishment of the global Mobile Engine
Services network and the successful turnaround of the Landing Gear
product segment.

The Supervisory Board of Lufthansa Technik AG very much regrets that
the company is losing two exceptionally successful and valued leaders
in the course of restructuring and wishes Constanze Hufenbecher and
Antonio Schulthess all the best for their new challenges.

The Supervisory Board will soon decide on the appointment of the new
Executive Board member for the Finance and Human Resources
departments. Dr Johannes Bussmann remains CEO of Lufthansa Technik,
while Soeren Stark will continue in his responsibility for the
operational business as COO.