Lufthansa Technik AG complements its support portfolio for the Boeing
787 by adding overhaul capabilities and the availability of exchange
shipsets for this aircraft type's landing gears. This decision
underlines Lufthansa Technik's approach of offering an extremely
comprehensive support portfolio for this modern commercial aircraft
and continuously extending its services for it. Preparations are
underway to initially build up the capability either in Hamburg or at
Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK. Customers in the Americas
will benefit from expanding this capability also to Lufthansa
Technik's Los Angeles-based subsidiary Hawker Pacific Aerospace.

To help with exchanging and repairing landing gears on site,
Lufthansa Technik will rely on the mobile Airline Support Team (AST®
Landing Gear) service. A new solution to transport the landing gears
has also been developed. Lufthansa Technik has designed dedicated
transport crates, which will be available to save transportation

As landing gear technology is also advancing, Lufthansa Technik is
expanding its technical expertise and creating the required shop
capacity. One example of a new landing gear technology is the sliding
coating made of tungsten carbide cobalt chrome, which is found on the
inner cylinders, among others. This extremely hard and
corrosion-resistant layer involves the use of high-velocity oxygen
fuel (HVOF) spraying, a key technology for working on modern landing
gears. The in-house availability of this technology at Lufthansa
Technik is the guarantee for reliable, shortened turnaround times and
therefore returning best value for money on the provided exchange
shipsets as well. Direct access and control of maintenance data will
be given through integrating the airline's operating IT to Lufthansa
Technik's ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

With its wide range of services for Boeing 787 landing gears,
Lufthansa Technik is taking another big step toward expanding its
portfolio for one of the most modern and successful commercial
aircraft today.