Lufthansa Technik Middle East (LTME) has further increased its
footprint for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services in the
Gulf region and is set to continue on its recent growth path. The
wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG has recently expanded
both its production capacity as well as its product and capabilities
portfolio. In addition, the company welcomed several new major
regional and supra-regional customers and moreover greatly increased
its workforce at the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub at Dubai South
Airport (DWC).

The number of people employed by LTME recently surpassed the mark of
100 and is set to grow even further in 2020. During the recent
expansion, special emphasis was put on the acquisition of local
talents, which was moreover fostered by intense cooperation with
Middle Eastern universities such as the Emirates Aviation University
in Dubai and the American University of Sharjah.

Since the inauguration of the new facility in 2017, LTME's customer
base has seen continuous growth and now stretches even beyond the
Gulf region with the company also providing regular services to
several African and East-Asian airlines. Moreover, the company was
recently able to further strengthen its local customer base in the
Middle East by providing ad-hoc maintenance services within its
repair portfolio for Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of

Gulf Air's Chief Technical Officer Jamal Hashim commented: "Gulf Air
is committed to achieving technical excellence in aircraft
maintenance. LTME's vast experience and high quality technical
expertise in the areas of maintenance is the primary reason we
selected the company as Gulf Air's ad-hoc repair service provider for
such critical items like radomes. Secondly, their close proximity to
Bahrain has the added benefit that our parts will no longer have to
leave the region for maintenance, thereby improving efficiency,
decreasing turnaround time, reducing logistic charges and ultimately
lowering Gulf Air's operational costs while maintaining the highest
quality of safety standards."

"The establishment and further expansion of Lufthansa Technik Middle
East is progressing well. Our new facility inaugurated two years ago
has significantly strengthened our footprint in the region," said
Ziad Al Hazmi, Chief Executive Officer of LTME. "With ongoing
investments in our local product and capabilities portfolio as well
as in the local people, we are looking forward to even further expand
our contribution to this important region."

LTME's local product portfolio has recently been broadened with
additional Airframe Related Components (ARC®) and flight control
repair capabilities and an extended spare parts pool for engine
nacelles of the Boeing 787. Moreover, the company offers ARC®
support, AOG (Aircraft-On-Ground) support and engine wash services as
well as a local material support desk. The material pool in Dubai now
covers parts and components for the Boeing 787, 777 and the Airbus
A320 and A350 families.