- Christening ceremony attended by the grandson of Germany's first
Federal Chancellor
- Aircraft with registration number 10+01 for the first time with
fully equipped new government cabin

Lufthansa Technik AG today formally handed over the second Airbus
A350-900 government aircraft to the German Armed Forces. The
aircraft, bearing the tactical registration 10+01, will soon join the
fleet of the Federal Ministry of Defense's (BMVg) Special Air Mission
Wing for long-haul political-parliamentary flight operations. It is
equipped for the first time with a full government cabin. Siemtje
Moeller (SPD), Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Ministry
of Defense, ceremoniously christened the aircraft in the name of
former Federal Chancellor "Konrad Adenauer", in the presence of his
grandson of the same name.

The Airbus A350 christened today arrived factory-fresh at Lufthansa
Technik at the end of March 2021 and has since undergone an extensive
modification program at the company's competence center for Special
Aircraft Services in Hamburg. The main focus was on the fitting of
the full government cabin, which differs significantly from the
transitional cabin of the 10+03 "Kurt Schumacher", the world's first
VIP and government aircraft based on an Airbus A350, which was
already delivered in 2020.

In contrast to the latter's open cabin design, the various functional
areas for political-parliamentary flight operations are now
structurally separated from one another, as was already the case with
its two predecessors based on the Airbus A340. The remaining space in
the cabin is available for the delegations traveling with the
aircraft. It features seating with generous spacing, an appropriate
number of washrooms and modern galley equipment.

Clearly visible to the public is the discreetly revised livery of the
10+01, which also differs in detail from its sister aircraft 10+03.
It includes new lettering in the "Bundes Sans" font as well as
wingtips whose outside is now fully painted in black, red and gold,
the German national colors.

"Ceremonial handovers of new aircraft to the German Armed Forces have
already become a fine tradition for us in recent years. Nevertheless,
today is again something special," explained Soeren Stark, CEO of
Lufthansa Technik. "The aircraft christened today is not the first
Airbus A350 handed over by us to the German Armed Forces, yet it
bears all the insignia of a new flagship with the registration number
10+01 and the history-steeped name Konrad Adenauer. This great honor
is also reflected in the new government cabin we installed, which
sets new standards with state-of-the-art technology and high
functionality as well as cost efficiency."

Following the formal handover today, the 10+01 will be transferred to
Cologne as early as tomorrow for subsequent entry into service with
the German Air Force. The third Airbus A350 with the registration
10+02 and the future name "Theodor Heuss" is also at Lufthansa
Technik's Hamburg base and in an advanced stage of full cabin
modification. The 10+03, which is already in service, will also soon
return to Lufthansa Technik to be converted from the transitional to
the full government cabin.