Lufthansa Technik AG has signed a contract with an undisclosed
customer concerning development and delivery of its new TIOS+ radome
(Three-In-One-Solution). The customer, a renowned completion center
for VIP aircraft, is the first buyer for the new radome technology.
The radome will be installed on a Boeing 737 MAX 8.

TIOS+ is a product of Original Equipment Innovation (OEI), Lufthansa
Technik's product division dedicated to the development and
manufacture for innovative products. The customer will receive the
first shipset of TIOS+ by the end of 2018.

TIOS+ is a triple Band (L, Ku, Ka) elegant and fuel efficient tail
mount solution for the 737 family. Nearly 20 years after the
introduction of the popular TIOS (Two-In-One-Solution) radome,
Lufthansa Technik has been able to advance the system for use with
Ka-band installations. Within only six months, Lufthansa Technik
developed this product and established an in-house manufacturing
setup in Hamburg.

To develop the new radome, Lufthansa Technik has used its many years
of experience with fiber-reinforced structures in the repair of
radomes. The company's ARCĀ® (Airframe-Related Components) division in
Hamburg specializes in composite structures and fulfills all the
necessary requirements. In addition to having its own production
equipment, such as autoclaves, robotic systems and cold storage for
material, Lufthansa Technik's ARC offers highly-qualified and
experienced staff. The team can manufacture radomes of almost any
type, for installation on the vertical stabilizer (tail-mounted) or
for mounting on the fuselage. TIOS+ is one of the products produced
by the ARC team. The team has already developed and delivered another
radome product in 2017.

The future development aims at the adaption of TIOS+ to the Boeing
737 MAX 7 and 737 MAX 9 aircraft types.