Lufthansa Technik AG is now ready for radome development and
manufacturing projects as an extension of its Original Equipment
Innovation product portfolio. Following the successful development
and in-house manufacturing setup of a new Ka-band-suitable version of
its proven VIP aircraft radome TIOS (Two-In-One-Solution) in only six
months, Lufthansa Technik is now going to set up a unit dedicated to
radomes of all kinds.

The company is making use of its many years of experience with
structures made of composite materials to repair radomes: The ARC®
(Airframe Related Components) business unit in Hamburg specializes in
composite materials and fulfills all the necessary requirements. In
addition to having its own production equipment, such as autoclaves,
robotic systems and cold storage for material, a highly-qualified and
experienced staff is available. The team can manufacture radomes of
almost any type for installation on the vertical stabilizer
(tail-mounted) or the fuselage (fuselage-mounted), and is ready to
begin new developments. A first external project has already been
successfully completed.

The elegant and fuel efficient TIOS+ radome will be available for the
Boeing 737 MAX narrowbody aircraft by end of 2018 and will be
manufactured in the new setup.

Radomes are a critical element in aircraft connectivity
installations. Antenna housings need to bear high aerodynamic loads
and offer maximum permeability for the radio frequencies used. In
addition to integrating such connectivity systems into aircraft,
Lufthansa Technik will now also pursue opportunities on the hardware