- Multi-year contract with Frontier on aircraft maintenance services 
at Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico 
- Agreement includes digital aircraft diagnostic support through 
AVIATAR platform

Lufthansa Technik will provide base maintenance services for 
ultra-low fare carrier Frontier Airlines' Airbus A320 aircraft family
under a new five-year contract. An additional agreement covers 
digital aircraft diagnostic services through the AVIATAR platform.
Approximately 300 aircraft maintenance events are scheduled for 
Frontier Airlines in Puerto Rico over the next five years. This was 
preceded by a one-year cooperation on base maintenance services on a 
single line at Lufthansa Technik's base maintenance site in the 
Americas. Since several years Lufthansa Technik has also been 
providing the US airline with components services.

Two base maintenance lines reserved in Puerto Rico

Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico (LTPR) specializes in providing 
maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services to the Airbus A320 
aircraft family. The facility's strategic location in the Caribbean 
allows it to serve the needs of customers from North, Central, and 
South America. Covering an extensive area of 215,000 feet, the 
company boasts a state-of-the-art, five-line facility staffed by a 
team of over 400 highly qualified professionals at Rafael Hernández 
Airport in Aguadilla. 

"Based on the results of our initial partnership with Lufthansa 
Technik Puerto Rico, we are pleased to expand the relationship with 
this multi-year aircraft maintenance services agreement," said 
Jeffrey Moore, Vice President Technical Operations at Frontier 
Airlines. "Their base maintenance, components support and AVIATAR 
platform will help support our focus on high quality, efficient 
maintenance programs."

Joerg Speri, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Technik Puerto 
Rico, emphasizes: "We are looking to support all aspects of base 
maintenance for Frontier Airlines and our other customers through our
continuous commitment to excellence, quality, and safety in every 
project. To achieve this, we plan to integrate additional contracted 
services for Frontier Airlines to the upcoming maintenance 
activities, such as component support, and introduce new digital 

Frontier Airlines choses AVIATAR for digital fleet support

Frontier Airlines has also signed a long-term agreement to fully 
harness the advantages of AVIATAR. The ultra-low-fare carrier will 
benefit from a vast area of digital products from predictive health 
analytics to condition monitoring. AVIATAR's condition monitoring 
collects data from various sources to offer an unparalleled overview 
of an aircraft's status and components. Predictive health analytics 
anticipates issues, minimizing downtime, transforming maintenance 
events, and offering proactive recommendations, enhancing component 
troubleshooting efficiency. This lowers the costs of maintenance and 
avoids operational incidents, delays or AOGs.