The National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) has completed the registration process and on Wednesday issued the airworthiness certificate for Flybondi’s second aircraft, a Boeing 737-800. Thus the aircraft is technically and legally able to fly.

As part of the inspection process, operational tests were carried out and the corresponding maintenance records were examined, thereby performing cross-checks on the aircraft, its systems and installed components, said the ANAC.

The ANAC inspectors verified that the aircraft meets the appropriate requirements, and is in a safe flight condition.

This low cost airline has already commenced commercial flights in the country and has 16 scheduled routes: from Cordoba to Iguazú, Bariloche and Mendoza; from Mendoza to Bariloche and Iguazú; and from El Palomar to Córdoba, Bariloche, Neuquén, Tucumán, Corrientes, Mendoza, Jujuy, Posadas, Bahía Blanca, Salta and Santiago del Estero.

On Friday February 9th, the first flight will depart from El Palomar bound for Córdoba.

On January 22nd, a test flight between Córdoba and Mendoza had to be suspended within a few minutes due to technical problems.

Meanwhile, last Saturday a Flybondi plane on the Bariloche-Córdoba route had to depart without the passengers' luggage since high temperatures reduced the permissible take-off weight. The luggage was sent on by road.