A heavy maintenance check performed by LOTAMS on a Boeing 767 was completed on July 31. It was the first check of this type in the world carried out on an aircraft with 50,000 flight cycles.

LOTAMS worked on the aircraft for five months, completing almost 35,000 man-hours. The range of services provided to the client included maintenance activities such as replacement of main landing gears and both engines, removal and repair of rudders and flaps, structural repairs, as well as complicated activities requiring specialist checking by non-destructive testing (NDT).

We have successfully completed one of the most labour intensive maintenance that has ever taken place at LOTAMS. Work carried out by our technical staff extended the life of the B767 aircraft, so that we are the first base in the world, which performed a full range of 50K FC-check. Knowledge and experience gained during this check will allow us to much better and more efficient execution of services of this order soon.  We are confident that the aircraft will fly many more hours and cycles thanks to our service - said Marcin Klukowski - Base Maintenance Manager at LOTAMS.

The cooperation with Boeing, based on experience, technical knowledge and full engagement of both entities allowed to work out an optimal technical documentation, adjusted to the Customer's needs, on which the master plan of maintenance works was based. The employees of the base maintenance, workshop and departments directly supporting the production, by proper coordination of activities and performance of all actions required by the airline, extended the life of the aircraft beyond the standards specified in the original documentation. Our internal innovative solutions such as a special stabilizer platform or supports for fuselage allowed for full utilization of LOTAMS available resources and increased capabilities supporting maintenance processes of the greatest difficulty.

LOTAMS has become the first technical base in the world to perform this type of inspection. LOTAMS, as a Polish maintenance leader, not only became a pioneer and set new standards in the aviation industry, but also proved that it is able to develop an optimal maintenance plan tailored to even the most demanding needs of clients from all over the world.