In April, the LOTAMS employees finished a C-check for the Spanish airline Air Europa. The scope of the EC-ISN redelivery check included aircraft painting and the C-check with structural and system tasks.

The cooperation of the Polish maintenance leader with Air Europa began in April 2019 with a check of the Embraer 195. The second check on the same aircraft model took place in October 2019. At the beginning of 2020, LOTAMS also performed a base maintenance of the B737 NG.

The fourth visit of the Spanish carrier to LOTAMS included many complex maintenance activities with the highest degree of difficulty, in which representatives of production, workshops and departments directly supporting these processes were involved. The culmination of the almost three-month stay in the hangars of the Warsaw company was a technical flight, a so-called demo flight, after which the final activities were performed. Demo flight is about, among other things, adapting the plane to the configuration of the new owner.

This check was a very interesting experience for all of us, full of challenges and situations, which showed that with fruitful cooperation both within the team and between different LOTAMS areas, we can overcome various unforeseen situations during the service. We had to show maximum flexibility in planning our works and at the same time adapt to the needs and requirements of the client. I am very grateful to my team for the high quality of the commissioned work. The result is the fact that after the technical flight there were no faults and no additional comments from the crew - commented Kim Oleksandr - production event manager coordinating the check at LOTAMS.

Maintenance work began in one of the LOTAMS hangars (paint shop), where the first part of the work package related to painting the aircraft was performed - stripping (removing the old paint coating), inspection of the fuselage and wings for structural damage and protection with allodine for the duration of the maintenance visit. The carrier, together with Lessor's representatives ordered LOTAMS Bare Metal inspections. Then, the aircraft was towed to the second hangar, where the redelivery check began, and the structural defects identified during the Bare Metal inspections began. After completing all maintenance tasks and carrying out structural repairs - the last element of work in LOTAMS hangars was the completion of the painting of the aircraft, commenced before the check.

We carried out a redelivery check thanks to a specialized team of mechanics and the appropriate support of employees from the Sales Office, workshops, logistics, planning and engineering. Customer satisfaction is a proof of a job well done. The relations built in this field with Air Europa strengthened and meant that in the near future the Spanish airline plans to entrust us with another planes from its fleet for servicing. Performing this type of base check with the highest degree of difficulty (including, among others C and D type and redelivery check) strengthens the position of LOTAMS on the international MRO market and guarantees customers from all over the world, implementation of aircraft maintenance at the highest level by LOTAMS - added Marcin Klukowski – Base Maintenance Manager at LOTAMS.

The scope of the check at the EC-ISN included removal of all buffets and toilets to open wet areas for inspection; structural inspections of the fuselage skin; thorough analysis and verification of existing repairs; boroscopy inspection of both engines and APU; EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System) inspections; fuel tank inspections and weighing of the aircraft.