• 5 October 2023 witnessed the national carrier presenting its development directions for 2024 – 2028.  
• LOT Polish Airlines will have a greater number of modern aircraft, fly to more attractive destinations and meet demanding environmental and social targets.  
• In this way, LOT Polish Airlines intends to translate its record financial results into an ambitious growth path.

It’s who you travel with. After all, a good travel partner stands for safety, comfort and a guarantee of successful plans. For nearly 95 years LOT Polish Airlines has been just such a partner: reliable and important for successive generations of Poles. The strategy we have presented today is a promise for the decades to come. Global aviation is evolving before our eyes, and we will be one of the leaders of this evolution, says Michał Fijoł, Chief Executive Officer LOT Polish Airlines.

The national carrier’s strategy involves, among other things, expanding its aircraft fleet by around 50% (110 in 2028 vs. 75 today), increasing passenger numbers by around 70% (16.9 million in 2028 vs. 10.3 million today), increasing service quality and passenger satisfaction through, for example, new interior standards on wide-body aircraft and introducing Wi-Fi access on long-haul flights.

The LOT Polish Airlines flight network will introduce nearly 20 new scheduled destinations, both medium and long-haul. The national carrier is also planning investments at airports: the Polonez Business Lounge in Warsaw will be remodelled and refreshed, and a business lounge will be launched in Chicago.

Within the framework of social responsibility, LOT Polish Airlines will concentrate on sustainability transformation and cooperation with the scientific and academic community, the business world and on supporting the development of the tourism market.

I would like to say a big thank you to the entire team, our LOT family, for their extraordinary commitment in preparing the plan for the coming years. I believe that the pursuit of the strategy will prepare LOT Polish Airlines for its second centenary year of operations, added Michał Fijoł.

PLL LOT is one of the most important Polish companies. It is the guarantee of logistics security and the engine of the domestic economy. The aviation industry, be it directly and indirectly, creates more than 170 thousand jobs in Poland.