LOT Polish Airlines has signed a Special Prorate Agreement (SPA) with Qantas Airways. It offer much greater benefits to both passengers and carriers than a standard interline agreement.

The Special Prorate Agreement is a special example of an interline agreement in which the distribution of fees and the settlement of ticket costs between carriers are precisely defined. While a regular interline agreement is a broadly understood agreement between two (or more) airlines that allow for a trip on one ticket, the SPA specifies the terms of financing, distribution and invoicing of the fees paid by the passenger (or the buyer) and paying the money for the ticket to only one of the carriers involved.

Passengers flying from Warsaw to Singapore will travel with the LO code and then to Australia with the Qantas QF code.

LOT Polish Airlines is also negotiating codesharing agreements with other partners to facilitate travel to Southeast Asia and Australia. Singapore Airlines is rumored to be one of those potential partners.