Turkish Cargo, launches its scheduled cargo flights on June 25, 2017 to Sao Paulo which is one of the largest industrial and trade centers in South America.

Brazil, which has accomplished exports amounting to a total of 190 Billion USD during 2016 and mainly exports to China, also exports products to a great number of European and Middle East countries as well. The products exported by Brazil generally consist of machinery, electrical - electronic equipment, chemical products and automotive parts, and some of such products are exported by making use of air cargo and carried by Turkish Cargo at the present. Also, a wide variety of exported goods such as leather, eggs and medicines can be pointed out. Since it has a wide range of products and market diversity, Sao Paulo constitutes a market with high potential for the Company.

Located at the southern part of Brazil, Sao Paulo stands as a gateway since it is close to other significant trade centers in South America. Due to its strong interline network in Latin America, Turkish Airlines aim to offer services to a wide number of destinations in the region in addition to Brazil, in respect of cargo transport for importation and exportation.

High-end quality service concept and attractive opportunities are provided by Turkish Cargo to its customers with the best connections to key production and trade centers all over the world. Thus, the company will be proud to concentrate its efforts to meet customer needs in the region and bring the world even closer.