LeaseWorks®, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions and services to the aviation industry, announced during the ISTAT Americas conference that Airborne Capital Limited (“Airborne”), a specialist aircraft lease and asset manager, deployed the company’s Aeris Asset™ management software to streamline the Irish lessor’s aircraft portfolio management.

Prior to implementing Aeris Asset, Airborne was accustomed to managing its aircraft portfolio using several systems to share and monitor critical asset information. As the company grew, now with 58 aircraft in its portfolio, it required a system that would automate the technical, contract, and finance processes of managing assets to enable the commercial team to make better decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

Donna Marie O’Neill, Head of Operations at Airborne, scoured the market for off-the-shelf solutions with an adaptable framework that would accommodate the business’s rapid growth. She found that no all-in-one software could meet all of Airborne’s requirements like the LeaseWorks Aeris Asset platform.

“While managing customers’ portfolios through spreadsheets is a temporarily workable solution, manual processes have limitations and hinder the potential for scaling a platform,” explains O’Neill. “LeaseWorks’ Aeris Asset offered us the right combination of easy user-experience, cloud and mobile device accessibility, and the robust reporting dashboards we needed for managing our expanding fleet.”

LeaseWorks’ Aeris Asset enabled Airborne to:

  • Easily access asset and lease information for information transparency;
  • Automate reporting for decision making;
  • Reduce the risk of errors;
  • Ensure that operational transactions like rent and maintenance reserve collection and claims were timely and accurate; and
  • Streamline portfolio management by replacing spreadsheets and manual processes.

Stressing the importance of standardizing processes around data entry, LeaseWorks Customer Success Manager Archana Sukumar and her implementation team collaborated closely with Airborne to meticulously gather and document processes, customizing the system’s configuration to meet the lessor’s stringent requirements.

“The implementation process was efficient and the LeaseWorks team’s assistance was best-in-class,” adds O’Neill. “We now have the ability to automate our invoicing and generate on-demand management reports without manual processes.”

Tapping into the flexibility of the Aeris Asset platform, Airborne streamlined its business operations by implementing an approval process across third-party service providers using the system and setting up important notifications. Additionally, utilizing easy-to-configure, profile-level restrictions, the lessor is now able to share information with external users and investors, providing better transparency and accountability to the lessor’s financial investors.

“We are continuing to strengthen our partnership with Airborne through ongoing collaboration and adaptation of our various products and solutions to meet their evolving needs,” sums up Haseem Vazhayil, CEO, LeaseWorks.

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