• Aeris PORTAL provides aircraft lessors a channel to engage directly with airline customers during the lifecycle of their relationship

STAMFORD, Connecticut, 27 Jul 2021—LeaseWorks today announced the Aeris PORTAL, a software product that allows aircraft lessors to engage directly with airline customers by giving them access to real-time information and fleet planning tools. Core to LeaseWorks’ vision of helping customers spend less time chasing information, Aeris PORTAL will help lessors collaborate better with airline customers through the entire lifecycle of their relationship across commercial, contracts, technical, and redelivery processes.

“Collaborating with airlines across multiple departments and creating a single view of the customer is extremely difficult to do for lessors, except for those lessors with very deep pockets” said Angela Balzano, Director of Product Management at LeaseWorks. “Aeris PORTAL will democratize this capability at a fraction of the cost and make it easier for lessors to bring commercial, contracts and technical teams together to deliver unified digital experiences that their airline customers demand today”.

The Power Of The PORTAL To Streamline Customer Engagement

Aeris PORTAL integrates LeaseWorks’ industry-leading Asset and CRM products to give airline customers a self-service, data-centric experience to streamline their ever increasing information needs - from learning about asset availability during the marketing phase to executing aircraft returns.

First Of Many Fleet Planning Tools: Collaborate with your airline prospects on fleet planning by giving them the ability to search and find the right asset they need and give them the ability to express interest in specific asset(s). The lessors can then discover demand trends by airline, country, geography, aircraft type or several other metrics.

Stay Connected On Contract Terms: Reduce ambiguity around contract terms with the ability to remain synchronized with your airline customer around key lease terms such as start date, end date, extension options, insurance renewals, financial obligations, reserves, rental rates or any contract term of your choice.

Monthly Utilization: Have customers file utilization electronically, review invoices and publish payment status online. Enforce contract nuances, such as MR rate variation based on FH/FC ratios or engine Derate, so that customers can review invoice amounts in real-time. Standardize your utilization collection so that you can review and approve them electronically. Reminders from the system will alert you (and the customer) to any delays relative to contractual obligations.

Invoice Aging

Remain synchronized with your customers regarding payment schedules and invoice aging. This allows for relevant conversations with customers based on real time payment terms.

Aircraft Returns (Coming Soon): Present information from our Aeris TECH PROJECTS module in the portal to be transparent with customers about aircraft deliveries and returns; and then collaborate with them using digital tools to manage checklists. Include relevant departments in the information flow such as technical, contracts, finance, and marketing teams to take corrective actions.

Shop Visit and MR Payment Claim Approvals (Coming Soon): Aeris PORTAL helps coordinate shop visit scopes, dates, and claims with airlines. The product also facilitates work scope approvals, claims review, and coordination around maintenance reserves using real time data feeds from your Asset Management systems. Keep the customer informed about their claim status, reimbursement amount, and their corresponding reserve balances. The PORTAL also helps collaborate with your MRO to stay coordinated on scopes, findings, and overall estimated part release dates.

End To End Information Flow From Asset Management and CRM

The collaboration with airlines is further strengthened by full integration with Aeris ASSET and MATCH CRM systems for digital collaboration with contracts and commercial teams to accelerate the decision-making process. Keeping in mind industry realities, the product also integrates with other asset management systems.