A group of significant players in the aviation industry are
cooperating to form a new alliance in the field of aircraft
modification. As leading companies in the retrofit industry, EAD
Aerospace, Envoy Aerospace, Etihad Airways Engineering and Lufthansa
Technik have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form the
Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA).

IAMA aims to encourage aircraft owners and operators to modify and
modernise their fleets through high quality equipment and rigorous
inspections, irrespective of which IAMA members provide the
engineering services.

Aircraft modifications, such as the installation of new cabins,
connectivity solutions or avionics systems can be approved and
documented through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) offered by
providers such as the IAMA members. The alliance addresses customer
concerns with regard to documentation, data availability and a
worldwide customer support network across different regulatory
systems with various national authorities.

The main objectives of the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance are
to agree to common standards for the documentation and quality of
Supplemental Type Certificates, to establish an open, secure
documentation platform for airline customers and aircraft owners
using STCs, and to inform the relevant public and expert communities
about the advantages of STC approved solutions.

Bernhard Randerath, Vice President Design, Engineering and Innovation
of Etihad Airways Engineering said: "This alliance is a positive step
towards addressing the challenges that customers face with STC
solutions today. As the Middle East's largest MRO, we use OEM
solutions, however, Etihad is renowned for innovation and applying
our own STC modifications. We believe that OEMs will also benefit
from becoming members of IAMA, which is open to all modification

"Our customers need seamless solutions and efficient support during
implementation and most importantly service afterwards. STCs are a
fast, cost efficient way to provide modifications, and IAMA is a
promising approach to address the critical points of documentation
simplicity and continued after-sales support."

Thomas Rueckert, Head of Base Maintenance and Aircraft Modification
at Lufthansa Technik, said: "We enable aircraft operators to decide
objectively and independently on the best possible modification
solution for their fleet - regardless of a specific provider. Safety,
flexibility of solutions for implementation of customer requests,
along with speed and efficiency are at the heart of our activities."

"In addition, value retention and reliable life cycle support are
essential factors for aircraft operators and owners. IAMA jointly
develop transparent standards that will help our customers make the
right decisions," adds Andreas Gherman, Head of the Design
Organisation at Lufthansa Technik.

Patrick Gindre, Sales Director of EAD Aerospace says: "The
aftermarket modifier ecosystem needed a "home" to discuss our
challenges, best practices and to improve our services by delivering
a common message to the market. Together, we have the objective to
shape the future of the STC in the aviation world".

Romain Mbwang Seppoh, Head of Airworthiness at EAD Aerospace adds:
"The retro fit market has specific challenges to be handled with
customers and operators in terms of organisation and mandatory
exchange of data. IAMA will be a collaborative and knowledgeable
reference and voice to regulators and standardisation committees
regarding how STCs efficiently fulfil these obligations. Being in the
heart of the activity, IAMA tackle those challenges daily. The
alliance will foster proportionate and adapted regulations, and
jointly develop and provide the optimal tools to its members."

"We are excited to be a part of IAMA," said Adrian Honer, partner and
ODA Lead Administrator at Envoy Aerospace, LLC. "The affiliation
will provide our members with a significant voice to resolve issues
that affect retrofit certification approvals. Our involvement in
IAMA reflects our commitment to our customers, present and future, to
be a leader in retrofit aircraft certification quality."

Marilyn Feigl, partner and ODA Administrator at Envoy Aerospace adds:
"Retrofit modifications on aircraft have unique challenges. IAMA
will offer its members mentorship and counselling to deal with these
challenges, especially when dealing with regulatory agencies and the
industry at large. This will help raise the certification standards
to ensure the highest quality STC products."

The launch meeting of the IAMA is scheduled for spring 2019. The
Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance is open to all market
participants including aircraft manufacturers, airlines, suppliers
and lessors. Founding members of the alliance believe that a strong
and transparent retrofit market will benefit everyone. Members of the
alliance work together to offer a transparent, distinct and
independent market for aircraft retrofits, providing greater choice
for operators and added value for the aviation industry.