"Due to a scheduling problem over the next few months, we have temporarily suspended the sale of tickets to that destination to solve the problem”, said Héctor Valenzuela, the airline’s commercial manager of the airline.

The airline Latin American Wings (LAW), controlled by businessman José Manuel Rebolledo, has decided to temporarily suspend the sale of tickets from Santiago to Lima, which is its main route since it ceased domestic operations.

Although the airline says they will continue to operate flights regularly to Peru, on their website it is not possible to buy tickets to Lima for the next few months.

The company confirmed that existing flights will continue to operate normally for tickets that have already been purchased, and that only future flights were suspended due to a readjustment issue, caused by previous contingencies.

"We continue to operate our flights to Lima according to the schedule”, said Héctor Valenzuela, commercial manager of LAW.

"However, we are in the process of redefining the schedule for the next few months, and therefore we have temporarily reduced the sale of tickets to that destination to close the gaps in our schedule caused by contingencies”, he said.

According to sources close to the firm, flights to that destination could be reopened in the coming days.