Latam Airlines Colombia, a subsidiary of Latam Airlines Group SA, expressed its interest in starting negotiations to acquire Viva Air Colombia.

In a written communication to the president of Viva Air Colombia and Castlesouth Limited, the company reported that the operation is subject to a financial analysis, which it would have the capacity to carry out expedited, to a possible agreement between the parties and to the corresponding regulatory approvals.

"In this way, an eventual acquisition of Viva Air Colombia becomes a growth opportunity, offering Colombian consumers the best value offer in the local market in terms of service, and the country new alternatives to strengthen its connectivity and the development of tourism", said Latam.

Latam Airlines Colombia has been operating in the country for 11 years, and "during its career it has had a constant concern to invest in the Colombian market."

"For this reason, we consider that this potential operation would be the best option to strengthen the conditions of free competition, as well as offer the necessary support that will allow responding to the financial situation of Viva Air Colombia and its creditors, which will result in the strengthening of the Colombian airline industry", pointed out Latam.