Kuwait Airways aims to increase its domestic market share to 50% in the coming years, from current 35%, coinciding with the modernization of its fleet over the next 5 years and the expansion of its network, said Chairman Sami Al-Rasheed. A restructuring of the company is also necessary in order to maximize profits and stem expected continuing losses in the face of competition. Mr. Al-Rasheed expects the need for government support until the airline can reach a break-even point in its budget in 2021.

The airline is considering future service to destinations in Europe, the US and East Asia, as well as a new route to Taif for religious purposes in November 2017. As of start August, the company had 28 aircraft, with four having since been removed from service, and one - a B777-300ER - expected for delivery this month, bringing the number to 25. In order to finance the future fleet, the leasing or borrowing from local banks is a possibility.