KP Aviation, a leader in the evolving aftermarket aviation industry, is pleased to announce a significant leadership transition that marks the next phase of the company's evolution. Kim Schulze, the co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer, will be transitioning to a newly created role, paving the way for the leadership of Linn Shaw who has been serving as Chief Financial Officer.

In a joint statement released to KP Aviation's trusted team, Schulze and Shaw shared their excitement about the future of KP Aviation. Schulze reinforced confidence in Shaw's capabilities, stating, "Linn brings not only a wealth of experience but a vision perfectly in sync with the trajectory of our company."

KP Aviation is in excellent hands with Linn Shaw at the helm...our company will continue to soar to new heights.

Both leaders highlighted the importance of innovation, strategic planning, and sustainability. Shaw reiterated the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of the dynamic aviation industry through a variety of innovative initiatives.

Expressing gratitude for this opportunity, Shaw added, "I'm honored to step into this role, and I'm excited about the journey ahead together." Schulze will continue to play a vital role as Principal & Chief Compliance Officer in the business, which will focus on expanding and enhancing operational capabilities to fuel the next phase of KP Aviation's success.

Their announcement also highlighted the company's dedication to personal and professional development for team members, with a focus on diversity across the aviation industry. "Diversity has been a key driver of our success, and as such, we will continue to focus on hiring all areas of talent to the business," said Shaw.

Over its 23 years, KP Aviation has prioritized team, culture, and deep technical intelligence. Shaw emphasized the significance of a supportive and inclusive workplace culture: "Our people are our strength. Creating an environment where everyone feels supported and included is non-negotiable."

Schulze expressed full confidence in Shaw's leadership, stating, "KP Aviation is in excellent hands with Linn Shaw at the helm. Under Linn's leadership, our company will continue to soar to new heights."

The leadership transition is effective immediately, and both Schulze and Shaw will work collaboratively during the transition period and in their new respective roles.