KlasJet, a well-known charter company and a part of the world's largest ACMI providers, the Avia Solutions Group family, has entered a contract with Marabu Airlines. The agreement, spanning from April to November, will see KlasJet leasing two Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The aircraft will be utilized for flights from Munich Airport (MUC) to the most popular summer holiday destinations, building on the success of their ad-hoc collaborations from the previous summer.

Augustinas Riskus, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer at KlasJet, shared his thoughts on the partnership: “After a series of successful collaborations with Marabu Airlines last summer, we are excited to take this partnership to the next level, this long-term contract is a natural progression of our relationship. We look forward to continuing to support Marabu Airlines in providing exceptional travel experiences to their clientele.”

Axel Schefe, CEO at Marabu Airlines, also commented on the evolving partnership: "The transition from spontaneous agreements to a long-term partnership with KlasJet reflects our confidence in their ability to meet our needs and exceed expectations. Our experience working together has set a solid foundation for this collaboration, enabling us to offer even more quality and reliable services to our passengers. We are pleased to solidify our relationship with KlasJet and anticipate a productive cooperation that will benefit our valued passengers."

Currently, KlasJet operates a 14-aircraft fleet consisting of 5 Classic Boeing 737 and 1 BBJ Boeing 737 with capacities ranging from 23 to 68 seats, and 8 Boeing 737-800 NG with a capacity of 186 or 189 passengers for ACMI leasing. KlasJet is part of the Avia Solutions Group family, the world’s largest ACMI providers (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance), operating a fleet of 212 aircraft. The group also provides a range of aviation services including, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul), pilot and crew training, ground handling, as well as a variety of associated services.