Jordan Airmotive is pleased to announce the signing of an engine-sale agreement with Amazon Air to provide the courier with CF6-80C2 PMC engine. After the customization, Jordan Airmotive successfully delivered the engine to Amazon Air in March.

In this regard, Jordan Airmotive CEO, Mr. Mahmoud Bashir, comments “Another success and milestone was achieved by delivering the CF6-80C2 PMC engine to our new client, Amazon Air. Satisfying and supporting the world’s largest cargo courier was a key milestone achieved by Jordan Airmotive driven by a vision to provide such solutions within the agreed agreement and the international standards.” Bashir continued to say “Adding Amazon Air to our customer list opens the doors to more successful projects in the near future.”

Jordan Airmotive Limited Company (JALCO) is a leading engine MRO fully capable to repair & overhaul CF6-80C2, CFM56-5B, and CFM56-3 engines, alongside the soon-to-be-added CFM56-7B. JALCO is certified by many regional, and international authorities, including EASA and FAA.