Jin Air is at risk of losing its operating license due to the fallout from the alleged incident involving Cho Hyun-min, the Korean Air heiress', who served on the budget carrier's board of directors between 2010 to 2016 -- despite being ineligible for the post.

Cho Hyun-min, a US citizen, is accused of throwing water in the face of ad agency executive during a business meeting in March 2018, while working at the budget carrier's parent company, Korean Air.

Jin Air is fully cooperating with the transport ministry, who was initially reluctant to punish the airline. The ministry, who recently conducted an internal review, is now facing public outcry over the 'water rage' incident allegedly involving Cho Hyun-min, and may change its stance on the matter.

Cho Hyun-min was not allowed hold a post on the board, according to Korean law. A violation can result in revocation of the carrier's license.

A public hearing with follow-up measures will be announced soon, should lawyers contracted by the government conclude further action is needed. Such a measure, if enacted, may lead to a court case.