JetSMART gives a momentous step in his plan to fly all of South America and become the airline of ultra low-cost leader in the region, by signing an agreement with the prestigious aircraft manufacturer Airbus for the purchase of 56 Airbus A320 and 14 Airbus A321, with the highest global technology NEO, to be delivered between 2021 and 2026.

The Chief Executive Officer of JetSMART, Estuardo Ortiz, highlighted this great milestone for the company, Chile and South America. "This order demonstrates our commitment to be the leading low-cost airline in South America and the conviction that we can take to fly SMART millions of South Americans; in new aircraft and ultra low rates. Air market and became Europe JetSMART will change in South America, "he said.

He added that "every step of JetSMART has been fulfilled. We come to evolve and revolutionize aviation and South America and in Chile is a reality. Our vision is to have more than 100 aircraft in 2026 and carry more than 100 million passengers. " According to the CEO of the airline, the investment is one of the highest in the region and amounts to 7.8 trillion dollars at list prices -valorada the fabricator, which is a sign that "We believe, invest and trust in South America ", He said.

For his part, Rafael Alonso, Airbus President for Latin America and the Caribbean, also agreed on the importance of this Memorandum. "It's a great satisfaction to see that JetSMART expands its commitment to our leader in single-aisle aircraft and are proud that they have placed their trust in our product. We are confident that the operational efficiency and unparalleled comfort offered passengers the A320neo family, make the perfect combination for fleet expansion and growth plans JetSMART "he said.

JetSMART in a few months has managed to change aviation Chile: "In just four months of operations, we managed to revolutionize the airline industry in the country, mobilizing more than 200 thousand passengers, lowering prices by up to 35%, encouraging the competition and boosting decentralization and connectivity with new routes. The JetSMART effect will soon reach all of South America and everyone can travel in safe, reliable and low priced planes. Connect more people on the continent and the big winner is the customer, "Ortiz said.

JetSMART currently has a fleet of three new Airbus A320 aircraft, those with the highest global technology, safety, reliability and efficiency.

The memorandum is part of an agreement between Airbus and American investment fund, controller JetSMART, Indigo Partners, which has over 15 years experience in global aviation and also agreed to incorporate a total of 430 new aircraft its entire portfolio of airlines in addition to JetSMART includes Wizz Air (Europe), Volaris (Mexico) and Frontier airlines (United States), valued at 49.5 trillion (listwise manufacturer), the largest in terms of market value , marking a milestone in the history of global civil aviation.

Bill Franke, President of Indigo Partners, said: "This significant commitment for 430 additional aircraft highlights our optimistic vision for the growth potential of our family of airlines low cost as well as our confidence in the family A320 neo as a platform for that growth . Our airlines know that a large plane with a great business plan will create value for our customers. We hope to bring comfort and low fares to more passengers around the world as Wizz Air, Volaris, JetSMART and Frontier continue to expand."

John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer Customers, also highlighted the agreement reached with airlines Indigo Partners, noting that "Indigo Partners has been a great customer and promoter of the Airbus single-aisle (single-aisle) fleet for many years. An order of 430 aircraft is outstanding, but it is particularly gratifying for all of us at Airbus when it comes from a group of professionals airlines know our products as well as they do in Indigo Partners. We are proud to contribute to increase the fleets of its airlines in Latin America, North America and Europe with single- aircraft aisle offering the lowest operating costs, the cockpit wider and wider: those of the A320neo Family."

Modern, safe and efficient aircraft

Airbus A320 feature the latest equipment in terms of airworthiness, including equipment for satellite operations -RNP-AR- approach that provides greater safety and efficiency.

The original A320 entered service in April 1988. Able to accelerate from 0 to 200 km / h in less than 20 seconds, has a range of up to 6,480 km / 2950 mn, the A320 routes can cover both short and long distance, such as from Santiago to all South American and Central American capital cities nonstop.

The A320 is the favorite aircraft for both traditional airlines and low cost carriers rapidly growing. Since entering service in 1988, the A320 has carried more than 11,500 million passengers and counted more than 103 million flights. A320 takes off or lands in the world every 2 seconds, ie, every time someone breathes, an aircraft of the A320 Family is taking off or landing.

The A320neo and A321neo models, launched in December 2010, offering a choice of two new engines (the PurePower PW1100G-JM Pratt and Whitney and LEAP-1A CFM International), and feature large wingtip devices on the tip of wing, known as Sharklets. Together provide a reduction in fuel consumption 20% to 2020, obtained thanks to the innovations cabin and further improvements in engine efficiency. The A321 neo will even allow efficiencies of up to 10% more than the A320 neo.

The A320neo (new engine option) is the latest of numerous upgrades of Airbus products through more than 300 million euros that Airbus invests each year in innovation and modernization for the A320 Family remains the most advanced and efficient in terms of fuel consumption between the single-aisle aircraft. The A320neo also offers an important environmental performance, with 20% less emissions (5,000 tons less CO2 emissions per aircraft per year) and a reduction of about 50% noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft.