Willemstad- After months of working on the necessary papers in collaboration with the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authorities (CCAA), United Caribbean Airlines, trading under the name Jetair Caribbean, finally received its Air Operating Certificate (AOC) on the 19th of November 2019. Both the Management Board and the Employees have worked hard to achieve this. We are very proud with the achievement of this Certification which also has a positive effect on the Economy of Curaçao.

Jetair Caribbean is a private commercial airline established in Curaçao, which offers scheduled and charter flights to and from the Caribbean and South America.


The vision of Jetair Caribbean is to become an important regional airline in the Caribbean.


The mission of Jetair Caribbean is to offer a Safe, Customer-oriented air transport product with high customer service and timely performance in an efficient and friendly manner.

Jetair Caribbean can already start selling Charter flights, while in the meantime the required papers have been sent to the destinations together with the AOC, in order to be able to start performing scheduled flights on the various routes. This would not have been possible without the AOC.

Jetair Caribbean is preparing to start selling Tickets. Some routes Jetair Caribbean will start flying to and from is Kingston, Port Au Prince and Santo Domingo. Soon we will also start flying to and from Medellin and Barranquilla.

Everyone will be kept informed via Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and the Jetair Caribbean website). Soon we will also announce where people can go to buy tickets.

For any questions you can contact Jetair Caribbean via the following email address which is: info@jetaircaribbean.com