Seattle, WA – Jet Parts Engineering (JPE), along with our subsidiaries Aerospares and Aero Parts Mart, recently received FAA approval on 16 new PMA parts. These parts install across a variety of systems and aircraft which include flexible circuit cards for the Airbus A320 family and A330 cockpit doors, fuel and environmental system gaskets on the LEAP-1B engine and 737NG and MAX aircraft, thrust reverser bushings for the 737MAX, seals on the V2500-A5 engine case module, a piston on the 777 anti-ice valve, a pressure switch for a 767 high pressure valve, and rod ends for 737NG and MAX flight controls. These newly approved PMA parts are available directly through JPE’s ecommerce website and are listed below.

To view pricing, PMA supplements, order tracking, NHA information and more, visit JPE’s ecommerce website at For questions about the latest rollout of PMA parts, contact us at +1 206-281-0963 or