-       Route to serve religious travel into KSA and offers new tourist destinations for passengers in the Middle East

Kuwait, December 1, 2022: Jazeera Airways continues its expansion in the Middle East, Asia and Europe and announced today a new direct service from Kuwait to the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, opening a new route that connects pilgrims to Saudi Arabia as well as offers a new travel destination for nature and adventurous culture seekers.

The route launches on December 29th and will be operated on Thursdays and Saturdays. Flights land at the Dushanbe International Airport (DYU).

Jazeera Airways Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Ramachandran, said: “Jazeera today flies to many CIS countries, operating underserved routes from the Middle East that cater to a latent demand for religious tourism and simulates new demand from tourists who want to explore culturally-rich countries that are a few hours away.”

Tajikistan is known for its adventure, health, historical, cultural and ecotourism. Tajikistan offers travelers inspiring natural landscapes with mountain peaks, alpine meadows and lakes, providing trekking opportunities and more in the Pamir and Fann Mountains, in addition to having national parks that protect this region’s endangered plants and animal. Tajikistan is also home to the many hot and mineral springs that have become coveted destinations for health treatments and wellbeing.

Away from natural places, the country is rich in historical and cultural attractions being an ancient state that have seen many civilizations and empires throughout its history. Recently, sustainable and ecotourism have started growing in popularity in Tajikistan, with many choices available for conscientious travelers to explore and enjoy while ensuring they have positive lasting impact on the communities which they encounter.

Flight Schedule

Flight Number





(Local Time)

(Local Time)

J9 631

Thursday, Saturday

Kuwait (KWI)

Dushanbe (DYU)



J9 632

Thursday, Saturday

Dushanbe (DYU)

Kuwait (KWI)