J&C Aero, an international aviation center for innovation in cabin transformation and CAMO, has reported a 285% increase in its annual revenues that reached 10 mln euros in 2022. The company has also expanded its cabin interior production facilities to 2000 sq. m.

“2022 was a remarkable year both in terms of challenges and opportunities. We expanded our R&D and engineering units, as well as the CNC metal and composite shop. We also upgraded seat refurbishment, sewing, livery printing, and other production facilities. In addition, we invested 1.5 mln euros into new capabilities and further process digitalization. All of this allowed us to streamline the whole production line and offer larger capacities for the recovering airline market, as well as seek new customers, particularly in the aircraft leasing segment,” shared Laurynas Skukauskas, CEO at J&C Aero.

According to the annual report, the company’s design team implemented cabin modifications on over a thousand aircraft while the production and Part 145 units produced, refurbished, and overhauled nearly 20,000 cabin interior elements, including sidewalls, windscreens, overhead bins, wardrobes, galleys, and seats.

“The highlight of the year was a 12Y check management project with a state air company “Ukraina” that operates an Airbus A319 for the transportation of the country’s leadership. On a more local scale, we were happy to launch the construction of our new headquarters which are due to be finished later this year. But the largest pride is our team that I’m absolutely proud of – a big “well done” and “thank you” to them!” added the CEO of J&C Aero.