“AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A.” (hereinafter “the Company”) announces the commencement of trading on the Main Market of the Athens Exchange as of 16.06.2021, of its 18.750.000 new common registered shares, with a nominal value of €0,65 each (hereinafter “the New Shares”), issued following the share capital increase by payment of cash and with pre- emptive rights in favor of the existing shareholders, according to the Board of Directors decision on May 14th, 2021, pursuant to provisions of article 24 par. 1(b) of Law 4548/2018 and in conjunction with the March 12th, 2021 resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting which granted the power to the Board of Directors of the Company (hereinafter “the Increase”).

The Listing and Market Operation Committee of the Athens Exchange during its meeting held on 15.06.2021 approved the listing for trading of the 18.750.000 New Shares in the main market of the Athens Exchange. The New Shares will be allocated to the beneficiaries (investors) in dematerialized form by crediting the Dematerialized Securities System (the "DSS") Investor Share at the date of commencement of trading.

Total funds raised through the Increase, amounted to €60,000,000.00 and will be used in accordance with section 4.1.2 (“Use of funds of the Public Offering”) of the Prospectus published on 19.05.2021.

Shareholders and investors who are interested in more information may contact the Company's Investor Relations Department, Athens International Airport, Building 57, 19019, Spata, tel: 210-6261660, 210-6261519, during the working days and hours.