A ground-breaking new aircraft parts trading platform, Spaero, has taken flight, sparking widespread interest across the aviation sector from parts buyers, distributors, and repair centres stalwarts.

Spaero aims to unite and democratise aircraft parts trading and accelerate procurement by creating the simplest, safest, and most trusted way to buy, sell, or repair aircraft parts from quality-assured sellers - ultimately helping get aircraft back into service quicker and safer. 

Spaero tackles the longstanding challenges of trust, efficiency, and inflated costs in parts trading head-on. Recognising the complexity of transactions, through their dedicated efforts, the platform streamlines the entire process of buying, selling, and repairing parts, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.  
The primary objective of this innovative model is to accelerate procurement through a centralized approach while upholding the highest standards of trust.  
A different kind of aircraft parts trading platform 

Spaero has been developed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals, with a focus on enhancing industry standards and trust. 

Operating on a subscription-free model with no sign-up costs, the platform serves as a private intermediary, setting a new standard for transparency and transactional confidence unmatched by other parts platforms. 

Every buyer, distributor, and repair centre utilising Spaero undergoes a rigorous security and compliance audit. Complementing this are recurring Know Your Customer (KYC) checks assessing wider risk factors and further cementing trust in every transaction to offer complete reassurance to airlines, including most critically, those facing pressured Aircraft on-Ground (AOG) situations.

Remarkably, all transactions are underwritten for credit risk, providing a heightened level of confidence in trading for all parties involved. 

 Trust-Driven Efficiency for Distributors, Buyers, and Repair Centres 

For distributors, Spaero will bolster parts demand and visibility and ensure all enquiries originate only from vetted end users, eliminating brokers.  

For buyers, Spaero offers substantial efficiency gains, streamlining bulk Request for Quote (RFQ) processing and providing real-time availability of parts. 
For repair centres, Spaero ensures secure transactions from RFQ submission to the receipt of the repaired part. It is the consistent and trusted relationship between all parties that ensures complete peace of mind in every repair transaction. 

A New Era of Trading  

Spaero founder Myles Corey (owner of XS Aviation in the UK) says, “We created Spaero to bring a disruptive force to the sector and to help partners fed up with archaic ways of doing business and trading. What we have launched is also just the start as we look to integrate new cutting-edge tools to solve daily challenges and frustrations parts buyers, distributors, and repair centres experience. 

Furthermore, we understand that the integrity of each aircraft component is paramount to the safety of the aircraft it will be installed in. That's why we have made it our mission to ensure that every single part traded on Spaero meets the highest standards of quality and safety."