Maeve Aerospace made its first appearance at the Paris Air Show where their revamped design of the Maeve 01 was revealed with breakthrough specifications. Maeve’s newly appointed CTO Martin Nüsseler revealed the design with Dale Tutt (VP Industry Strategies at Siemens Digital Industries) at the Dutch Pavilion.

CTO Martin Nüsseler (formerly Airbus and Deutsche Aircraft) has ushered in significant design changes in the Maeve 01, making it even more efficient. The Dutch company has built upon their breakthroughs in aircraft design by maintaining the baseline Maeve 01 performance of 44 passengers at a range of 250nmi (463 km), and at true zero emission operations (no CO2, no NOX and no Contrails) but at a significant lower energy consumptions and en even better operating economics (-30% compared to existing turboprops).

Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers was also present on Tuesday to view the revamped design of Maeve 01. We believe that The Netherlands can play a frontrole in a new chapter in aviation.  

With the help of the Siemens aircraft design and simulations suite, Maeve has been able to significantly reduce the overall weight of the aircraft which results in a snowball effect of improving aircraft structures, propulsion capacity and battery capacity.

CEO of Maeve Aerospace Jan Willem Heinen: “We are glad to have the support and expertise of such a major component of the aviation industry. Together with Siemens, we’ve been able to accelerate our development process to be able to start flying before 2030.”

Maeve’s mission is to transform regional air mobility, guided by a commitment to mitigate environmental impact. With their all-new electric aircraft design, Maeve aims to significantly decrease emissions and energy consumption whilst improving the aviation industry's economic and social prosperity.

The main objective of Maeve Aerospace is to build a sustainable future and contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. Through their shared passion and dedication, Maeve’s growing team of aviation experts are pioneering the path towards zero emission flights.