In 2013, the Mexican low-cost airline Interjet started a new chapter in its international operations with its first flight from Mexico City to Bogota, Colombia. Now, Interjet plans to position itself as one of the premier airlines in Latin America.

Speaking at the recent ANATO Tourism Showcase in Bogota, Interjet’s Executive Commercial Director, Julio Gamero said “We hope to establish relationships and alliances that help Interjet strengthen its presence and prestige as one of the airlines with the best service in the Latin American market”.

Gamero explained that in the last five years since that first flight to Colombia, Interjet has seen a 13.6% growth in the number of Colombian passengers visiting Mexico.

According to data from the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), tourism accounted for 5.8% of Colombia’s GDP in 2017. Gamero said “This represents a great market opportunity for Interjet”.

Also attending ANATO, Interjet’s sales manager in Colombia, Carolina Ruiz Gonzalez, said “It’s good that the market in this part of the continent offers us more possibilities”.

ANATO is the Colombian Association for Travel and Tourism.