Interjet Airlines, one of the fastest-growing airlines in North America, re-iterated today the airline is not in "technical bankruptcy" as erroneously reported by a financial news agency late today.

"Today an article appeared in Bloomberg Online, stating Interjet Airlines' finance chief said Interjet Airlines is in 'technical bankruptcy'," said Julio Gamero, Interjet's Chief Commercial Officer. "Nothing is farther from the truth. In fact, Interjet is on a more solid financial foundation than any other Mexican airline. Again, Bloomberg's reporting is rife with misinformation, alternative facts and wrong assumptions about the airline," Gamero added.

Interjet Airlines is in a dispute with Mexico's Tax Administration Service (SAT), related to alleged taxes owed by the airline. An attempt by SAT to seize control of the airline's bank accounts in an effort to collect the alleged taxes was denied by the courts and the airline is in negotiation with the tax authorities to determine what back taxes are actually due.

"If it's determined taxes are owed, we will pay them," said Raúl López Martinez, Interjet's Chief Financial Officer. "Regardless, any payments to be made to the tax authorities will have minimal impact on the operations of the airline," he added.

Interjet Airlines continues to experience robust results with international traffic growing double-digit year-over-year and domestic passenger counts increasing as well. The airline's unique brand of service, offering business and leisure travelers everywhere they fly competitive prices with free checked bags on select fares, more legroom between seats and excellent onboard service including free food and beverage and drinks, continues to resonate with its customers.